M-Street pulls the environmentally conscious card at all levels with, among other things, its green facade, heat pumps, solar panels and green products


Self Check-In

M-Street has no staffed reception and is fully automated


Late check-out

Thanks to our late check-out, you can fully enjoy the wonderful nightlife that Leuven has to offer


Lively ambiance

M-Street is located just above the renowned café De Libertad, in the middle of the restaurant street of Leuven


Anti allergy

Our rooms have cork floors; a sustainable choice for which no trees are felled

SURREALISM - Dali vs Magritte

Surrealism is an art movement in the modern art that manifests itself in literature, photography, sculpture and painting. Although it was originally a literary movement, surrealism mainly became known thanks to paintings in which the artists try to show their way of thinking, guided by fantasy, without any controlled rationale and apart from moral values.

The French-speaking Apollinaire, the French André Breton, the German Max Ernst, the Catalan Miró, the Swiss Alberto Giacometti, the Dutchman Willem Wagenaar, the Belgian Paul Delvaux, the Argentinean Leonor Fini and the Mexican Frida Kahle were all - at least an important period in their lives - exponents of surrealism.

But the most renowned surrealists are of course the Spaniard Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) and the Belgian René Magritte (1898-1967), whose very successful exhibition 'Dalí & Magritte: Two icons of surrealism in dialogue' was organized in 2019 at the KMSK in Brussels.

In this Surrealistic Room you can see a lithograph by Dalí of his world-famous 'Couple with their heads full of clouds', of which the original can be admired in the Boijmans-Van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam (Netherlands). It is a portrait of a couple - himself with his wife and muse Gala - where the contours of the frames give shape to the double painting.

Clouds were also an ever-recurring part of Magrittes paintings, as well as nature.
Which is obvious in the work 'La géante' ('The giant') that is presented in this room.

In this painting Magritte sought the signature element of a tree that he could disrupt in order to confront the viewer with a new, fresh view of the tree: The tree became a large leaf of which the stem was directly planted in the ground.

Magritte found this image so effective that it would return over and over again, with different effects, throughout his career.



Air conditioning

Private bathroom with rain shower

Coffee machine and kettle

Flat-screen TV


Air conditioning

Private bathroom with rain shower

Coffee machine and kettle

Flat-screen TV


Minibar (empty)

Shower products

Iron and ironing board

Hair dryer