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ART OF BEER - Stella Artois

Stella Artois is a Belgian pilsner from the AB InBev group. The beer, with an alcohol percentage of 5.2%, is brewed in about ten places in the world, including Leuven and Jupille (in the Belgian province of Liège).

The year 1366 on the label refers to the first mention of Den Hoorn, an inn-brewery in the Mechelsestraat in Leuven. The company was taken over in 1717 by its master brewer, Sebastiaen Artois. Although his descendants only wore the family name for two generations, it remained connected to the brewery.

The Stella beer itself was created in 1926 and was marketed by Brouwerij Artois.

It fitted into the range of bottom-fermented German beers that the brewery had started in 1892.
Stella would have been intended as a Christmas beer and the name (Latin for star) would refer to the Christmas star. Whatever the initial intention, from the very beginning the beer was available all year round. Gradually, Stella became the best-selling beer of Brouwerij Artois and replaced the other beers in the range. In the 1960s it became the market leader in Belgium. In 1971, rivals Artois and Piedboeuf entered into a secret agreement to form a group for 88% controlled by the Artois families. Outwardly, Stella and Jupiler continued to compete. Plagued by the reputation of a headache beer – potentially launched by competing sales representatives who put aspirin on the counter of Stella-bars – Stella sales slumped and Jupiler became the market leader in the 1980s. Stella survived by marketing itself abroad as a premium lager. Over the years it became one of InBev's international brands and gained a large market share in the United Kingdom and Ireland, among others. The relatively high price was used as a sales argument in Great Britain under the advertising slogan ‘Reassuringly expensive’. In the domestic market of Belgium, it remained a common lager, although the bottles and beer glasses were given a 'premium' design over time.

The recipe has changed regularly, making the beer considerably less bitter, especially in the 21st century. Since August 2020 there is also a variant without alcohol, the Stella Artois 0.0.

Stella Artois can therefore boast a rich history that goes back to Leuven in 1366.
More than 600 years of Belgian brewing expertise, translated into a beautifully balanced lager.
Flavorful and refreshing, brewed to be enjoyed.

You will also find 2 bottles of Stella Artois in your minibar and in café De Libertad, located under M-Street, you can drink this tasty beer from the tap.



Air conditioning

Private bathroom with rain shower

Coffee machine and kettle

Flat-screen TV


Air conditioning

Private bathroom with rain shower

Coffee machine and kettle

Flat-screen TV



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