M-Street pulls the environmentally conscious card at all levels with, among other things, its green facade, heat pumps, solar panels and green products


Self Check-In

M-Street has no staffed reception and is fully automated


Late check-out

Thanks to our late check-out, you can fully enjoy the wonderful nightlife that Leuven has to offer


Lively ambiance

M-Street is located just above the renowned café De Libertad, in the middle of the restaurant street of Leuven


Anti allergy

Our rooms have cork floors; a sustainable choice for which no trees are felled

SCULPTURE - Dany Tulkens

They are becoming increasingly rare, but they do exist: artists who do their own thing throughout their lives, unhindered by fashion, trends or hypes. A giant in that category is Dany Tulkens; the in 1953 born sculptor who, with dazzling craftsmanship, knocks together and welds bronze extraordinary creations.

Tulkens is a sculptor from the school of Koenraad Tinel and blood brother of the unforgettable Roland Rens. While he initially shaped his sculptures with various materials, he eventually focused on sculptures made of beaten and welded bronze. A technique that is not self-evident and presupposes specific technical knowledge and skills.

His works are ‘taille direct’, which means that there is only one copy of each work.

It is also the aim that each image or work has its own unique story. The works are figurative abstractions of an alternate reality and attempt to be a question, not an answer. Human characteristics are scrutinized and magnified by Dany Tulkens, so that the images sometimes seem to be bathed in an unrealistic and surrealistic atmosphere.

The work you see in this room hung in Café Orient on the Leuven Oude Markt for years.

You can discorver other works of Tulkens' in this city, including the 'Balloon of Friendship’ on the Martelarenplein at the Leuven station.

In Abdij van Park you can find one of his works in the cemetery that he made as a tribute to the late cabaret singer and friend Zjef Vanuytsel, known for songs like 'De Zotte Morgen' and ‘Houten kop’.



Air conditioning

Private bathroom with rain shower

Coffee machine and kettle

Flat-screen TV


Air conditioning

Private bathroom with rain shower

Coffee machine and kettle

Flat-screen TV



Shower products

Iron and ironing board

Hair dryer