Street Art



M-Street pulls the environmentally conscious card at all levels with, among other things, its green facade, heat pumps, solar panels and green products


Self Check-In

M-Street has no staffed reception and is fully automated


Late check-out

Thanks to our late check-out, you can fully enjoy the wonderful nightlife that Leuven has to offer


Lively ambiance

M-Street is located just above the renowned café De Libertad, in the middle of the restaurant street of Leuven


Anti allergy

Our rooms have cork floors; a sustainable choice for which no trees are felled


This room was designed by one of Leuven's greatest Graffiti and Street Art artists; Bisser.

This in 1990 born artist has been drawing all his life and was inspired by ‘The Simpsons’ and the ‘Kid Paddle comic series’.

He started drawing graffiti letters thanks to his brother. He later came into contact with the spray can thanks to a friend, but drawing remained his passion. The French magazine GraffBombz made him to get better and better at letters. He learned a lot from this single magazine, also because he didn't have the money to buy other magazines. His letters became squiggly 3D lines. His first works were still illegal, but a legal graffiti wall in Leuven gave him the opportunity to experiment on walls and large formats.

Gradually he got tired of letters and put his focus more on 3D and abstract drawings.

Just before his final jury of his first year of animation in Ghent, he decided to completely change his style.

He was told by the jury that he had to repeat his year. In Belgium there is a word for doing a school year over again: ‘bissen’. That is how he came up with the name Bisser.

In the meantime, Bisser has grown into an internationally recognized artist. His work can now even be found in New York and Brazil.

Fortunately, Bisser also made a lot of drawings in his hometown and you immediately recognize them by his typical male figures (or a single female now and then) in sober colors. In the Mussenstraat 120 you can find 'the sitting guy', waiting, resting. Who's to say? He hides modestly in the corner.

You can also admire his 'Lying Lady' at the Tervuursevest and his ‘Tumbling figures’ in the Burchtstraat.

Maybe you’re in for an extra search in the Maria Theresiastraat and the Consciencestraat?



Air conditioning

Private bathroom with rain shower

Coffee machine and kettle

Flat-screen TV


Air conditioning

Private bathroom with rain shower

Coffee machine and kettle

Flat-screen TV



Shower products

Iron and ironing board

Hair dryer